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The Scharine Group is proud to introduce our line of Hercu-Hauler dollies and custom racks. In 1962 Charles Scharine Brigadier General (Ret) started in the agricultural business. In 1987, Charles Scharine was asked to develop sequencing racks and other products for General Motors and Lear Seating. The bolt together dolly he designed was not only durable but could be easily maintained in minutes without the need of a welder. The length and width could be changed as needed. The only company that uses Rounded corners as a standard for ease in loading and unloading in trailers. From this first design came the Hercu-Hauler Dolly that has become the leader in the industry.




The Complete System :

The Scharine Group has the experience and knowledge to offer "The Complete System". From Concept to Engineering to Design to Prototype to the Production of Racks and Dollies, we can help you with all your material handling problems.

* Engineering
Customized Racks
Customized Material Handling Dollies
* Prototype Service: For Buyoff and Testing
* Production Runs: Large and Small
* Product Support: Parts Department

The Hercu-Hauler dolly is designed to take the abuse of a factory floor, but at the same time is operator friendly and ergonomically safe.  In addition, the Scharine Group designs racks that bolt to the Hercu-Hauler dolly along with custom forkliftable racks that meet any of your manufacturing requirements.  Currently, we have over 14,000 Hercu-Haulers and over 50 different customized rack designs in use today at major manufacturers like General Motors, Ford Motors, Daimler Chrysler, Lear Seating, and Delphi Automotive.

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