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Delaval Milk Cooler

Closed Tanks

Correct cooling is the only way to retain milk quality and command the highest price from the dairy. DeLaval cooling tanks allow you to maximize your income, through effective cooling.

DeLaval closed milk cooling tanks offer dairy farmers advanced cleaning and controlling technology to store and cool large amounts of milk. The DeLaval DXNAF is strongly manufactured to safeguard a long lifetime and offer a high trade-in value.


The new DeLaval cleaning system T125 incorporates proven technology to offer flexible and easy operation. With the T125 you can completely, accurately control all your cooling and washing functions, including the length of each washing cycle and the cooler’s water level during washing.

User Friendly

Cooling indicator lights with external connections for remote alarm - indicate if the unit is cooling the milk or has already cooled it. An easy-to-read LED display shows you the temperature and whether the unit is cooling or washing.

Staggered condensing unit starts, reduce electric surges and operating costs. To keep the milk at an even temperature the unit uses adjustable interval agitation, while the milk hauler’s blend cycle gives accurate milk sampling.

Accuracy and Safety

Its standard six-cycle wash program helps ensure complete cooler cleaning. Customization is possible. Peristaltic pumps safely deliver accurate amounts of cleaning and sanitizing solution. A high capacity wash pump then thrusts the solution into the specially designed spray dish, to effectively complete the cycle. The T125 also features adjustable drain times to reduce chemical dilution of any prior cycle’s residue.

Exclusive outlet design

DeLaval DXNAF milk cooler features an exclusive three-inch outlet design to provide fast draining of even the largest cooler, so milk exits rapidly and milk haulers can depart sooner.

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