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Ritchie Waterers

Fresh Water – To provide fresh water, Ritchie uses a shallow trough so when your animals come to the fountain, there is a minimum of standing water, and when they start drinking, they will be getting water fresh from the water line. Ritchie fountains are also quick and easy to clean for your animals’ well being.

On Demand – Animals will not have to wait for water from our fountains. Ritchie’s rapid refill valve will not let the trough run dry and will keep up with your animals drinking demand. We understand our fountains will be placed in locations with a variety of water supply pressures, and we offer alternate valves to compensate for these conditions.

24 Hours a Day – That includes in the coldest winter days. Ritchie’s superior, design, insulation, and heat components keep water flowing under the worst conditions. We created our patented Water Seal to provide an air tight seal between the fountains working parts and the outside elements on our poly units. All of our fountains are manufactured to withstand the tough environments they will be serving. We carry the best warranty in the business, ten year limited.

Visit the Ritchie website to learn more about how Scharines can supply you with your watering needs and solutions. Download the Ritchie Waterers flyer below.

Ritchie Fount PDF download

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